Plaid Cheat Sheet 


Plaid is powerful. Especially in the winter. Proper use of plaid can set an outfit OFF! That being said, there are a few precautions one should always take when it comes to styling with plaid. 

•Plaid is best served in doses. Plaid is a side dish, not a main course. Remember this tip when styling yourself. Plaid prints are best use to add a POP to an outfit, not as the main focal point of the ensemble. 

•Plaid + Plaid= Too much. Plaid doesn’t match itself. It just doesn’t ever.

•Have fun with plaid. Whenever you decide to rock plaid. Have fun with it. Plaid, no matter which kind, is bold. Bold prints such as plaid require bold wearers. 

Own it when you rock plaid. Wear it, don’t let it wear you!