3 Short Go-To Hair Styles

Here are 3 Go To Styles I use all the time. As a mom on the go, often with little time to devote to primping, I revert to these quick and easy hairstyles all the time. 
Look 1 – Down & Out

And not in the bad way. With my short bob pressing it out with a slight curl at the ends, is a great go-to look. The more I curl, the more volume I achieve. 
Look 2 – Pomp It Up

I love a good pompadour, even if I have a five-head (not a forehead). Pomps can take a look to a retro place and when swept up properly, really they simply portray, hey I gave a damn today.
Look 3 – Half n Half

Half up half down. Think of Ariana Grande’s one hair style! Yas! That’s it. So 90’s. So simple. You can put the top pony high or simply swept back with a couple of bobby’s like I did here.