DIY “love” Art

For the most part I love DIY anything. I go on Pinterest and after 5 mins of scrolling have 200 screenshots and am like a bat outta Hell on my way to Michaels. Of those 200 screenshots rarely do I actually follow through with artsy home projects. 

This DIY “love” Art project, however, was too simple to pass up. Inspired by one of my single word quotes I do on Instagram, this little DIY piece took honestly less than ten minutes to make. It took longer to hang (and then for my husband to re-hang because I did it completely off center and crooked…so un-Libra of me). 

Anyway haha, here’s how I did it…


4 blank canvases 

Black paint

1 paint brush 

Packing tape or scotch tape 

First, I taped the canvases together so they wouldn’t move as I wrote out my word. Second, I slowly wrote out the word l o v e across each canvas, trying my darnedest to keep the letters in the center. Lastly, I went back over the script a few times to darken it to my liking. Presto! 

‘Love’ is just the word I was inspired by, in part because I wanted a piece for above my husband and I’s bed, but honestly, this sort of little DIY’er could be done with any number of words!