Ghost Adventures 

Recently the husband and I took a day date out and quested out to see strange shiz. Obviously we are both attached to weird things..we’re with one another, this day however, we drove out on a mini adventure across our beloved Nevada. He, a photographer (check him out on Instagram @skies_and_scapes), and I, a Tag-A-Long extrodinare, we definitely got our odd fix that day. 

We revisited a little basically, ghost town called Goldfield, NV a place we had shot at before some 5 years ago. It’s an incredible place rich with history and I highly suggest a visit if you’re ever in Nevada and have a love for oddities. 

In the late 1800’s Goldfield was a thriving town. The gold rush had brought on all sorts of residents and for a 20 year period the town was bustling. As the rush died out, so did the residents, by the droves, leaving the town, basically a ghost town since then. 

My Outfit:

Hat: H & M

Romper: Forever 21

Best: The Jessica Simpson Collection 

Shoes: H & M