3 Self-Defeating Thoughts That Have To Stop

We all have goals. Big goals, small goals places we want to be or just simple things we’d like to achieve. From planning a family trip to Hawaii to figuring out how to organize your closet, goals are goals. With any point B there are obstacles from point A. The first step to taking on any goal, small or large, begins with you and your thoughts. Thoughts are powerful and allowing self-defeating thoughts in unfortunately pushes out the self-motivating thoughts needed to get yourself going. 
Pinterest DIY you’ve been wanting to do forever…girls trip you’ve been meaning to take…business you’ve always wanted to start? All start in your mind. Here are 3 self-defeating thoughts that have to stop to get you closer to reaching your goals whatever they may be:

“I’ll get to it eventually”– Tomorrow is not promised. It’s just not. Thoughts like “I’ll get to it eventually” are manifesting within you creating procrastinating tendencies. 

“I don’t have time”– No one does. We all have to make time. However, you’re a powerful individual. Don’t disservice yourself, you have the power to make things happen. It’s a matter of shifting, finagling, and possibly compromising, to plot out how to reach your goal(s).

“What if I fail”– You may. And that has to be okay. With every failure you’re going to learn what you’re not supposed to be doing. From “failure”, grow. 

Bullying isn’t okay, so why bully YOU? Mantra it up and start checking off some To Dos! I’d love to hear some of your goals! Catch up with me on Instagram @JulesNicholsXO and let me know what you’ve got going on!! 



Image Credit: @skies_and_scapes