Halloween In Bedrock

Happy belated Halloween from The {Nichols} Flintstones!

Last year we dressed up as The Addams Family and it was ridiculously fun. This year we decided to stick with them family theme and do the Flintstones. 

To pull off the look, I had to get crafty. For dada, Fred, I made his costume from a giant strip of orange fabric. I was able to also make a matching costume for little Zachy, our very own BamBam (who was very much born for the role) out of the remaining fabric from dadas costume. 

For Miss Pebbles, a trip to Michaels Crafts yielded me what I needed. I used a plain neon tee, which I cut into a tank dress. At the bottom of all thier costumes I cut a jagged ‘Flintstones-ish’ edge. After all that, I totally just went store bought on my own costume lol. 

For our now annual family Halloween picture, we set off to Valley of Fire aka Bedrock. It’s almost an hour away from our home in Vegas and seriously one of my favorite places on earth. It served well as Bedrock!