DIY Nail Art: Girly AF

Last week I diy’ed these bad babies on myself propelling my tips into girly AF mode. I’m okay with that as per usual. 

On my pinkie: I applied 2 coats of white gel polish, cured dry, then applied spots of acrylic paint in black. 

On my ring finger: I used loose glitter. I achieved the super sparkly look by first painting a thin clear coat of polish and sprinkling the glitter over the nail. Next I cured the nail, encapsulating the glitter. 

On my middle finger: First I laid down the white polish, once dry, I applied black stripes with acrylic paint and a thin brush. I find it easier to stroke from cuticle to free edge. With a drop of nail glue adhere your decal of choice. Allow to dry. 

On my pointer: I used a Jamberry nail wrap to achieve the floral print.

On my thumb: I opted for my favorite pale pink gel.

Finish off the look with an excellent shiny top coat. Magnifique!