Gingham Gang

I’m sincerely soaking up every moment of the gingham trend that is currently upon us. What could I possibly love more than a picnic it’s self? Flippin dressing like one! 😉 I’ve always been a fan of prints that make a statement and that mix and pair with lots of other items. Gingham pairs well with blue denim, white, red, and even shades of beige and/or tan. Marrying navy gingham, for example, with pieces like denim jackets, red shoes, or red lipstick creates an ensemble that compliments it’s self! 

Above is a pair of adorable little flats I snagged on Here are a few more staple gingham Just Fab pieces I am totally vibe-ing on:



Com-Pleat-ly Obsessed 

Pleats are on the trend radar this Spring and I am welcoming them with open arms, hoping they make their appearance, and then get cozy and stay a while. I’ve always been a fan of pleats. They’re subtly bold, if that makes any sense. I’m completely captivated by the femininity of the pleated look, especially when paired with super dainty delicate fabrics like silk or chiffon! Here are 3 pleated skirts I have my eye on:

1: | 2: | 3: