Outfit Of The Day: Wander Woman

Somewhere out on the cusp of the city, that’s where you’ll find me. Way out. Out where the elements have you surrounded. In a canyon; the traffic, the noise and chaos in the distance, the far distance. Silence. Today I seek silence. 

Wanderlustin’ and peace seekin’; soul food.

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Happy wanderlustin!


The Gal In Gingham 

Where the water meets the land amidst a desert oasis of sorts, is a little tucked away nook; our own little piece of Shangri La. Toes in the desert earth, I ground. Giggles of my littles fill the air and fill my soul. My love takes my hand and kisses it softly. The sun simultaneously kisses my exterior giving my interior pure joy. In this moment I am happy.

Soaking up the sun rays on Sundays – I’m always down. In the heart of the Nevadan desert there lies a nestled little piece of serenity called Cottowood Cove. Today, gingham adorned, I, hubz, and the littles set forth on our Sunday Funday adventure. ✌🏾

Dress: Forever 21